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Please don't be confused by the numbering:
The PT designation refers to the
Paganini Technique system.

PT01 arrow PT24 is the PERFORMANCE order,
but the Caprices are learned starting with
PT09 arrow PT24, then PT01 arrow PT09.

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button Paganini Technique #24 Caprice 24
Paganini Technique 24 Caprice 24
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Caprice 24 is so well-known, and so often played incorrectly!
Don't be surprised that Paganini Caprice 24 has to start UPBOW!


Because the octave notes e-e and a-a in bars 4 and 12, for instance,
are down-downbow in the original manuscript - so it is uncomfortable to start the next bar downbow; it makes more sense to start upbow.

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